From a safety perspective it is incumbent on all parents to ensure that their little ones Learn to Swim from an early age. For a toddler, swimming is not a sport or extra mural activity. It is an ESSENTIAL SKILL that could possibly save a life. Starting your child with swimming lessons when they are young will ensure they are more confident and natural in the water. Swimz’ toddler swimming lessons are available in either private one-on-one lessons, or group classes. Our group classes have a maximum of 4 toddlers in each class and are highly recommended. In a happy, social environment where copying and competition naturally takes place results in accelerated learning. If your toddler is learning to swim for the first time, they will initially possibly need to be accompanied in the water during swimming lessons and ideally by you. We always do our best to put your child in a group swimming lesson with toddlers of a similar standard. Toddler group swimming lessons are 30 minutes each.

There are private and spacious heated changing rooms for your convenience. We have a salt water pool where the water is heated to a comfortable temperature of at least 32 degrees and also double filtered and UV treated with very sophisticated equipment which is gentle on your little one’s skin. Whilst your toddler is learning to swim, you can watch and relax with a coffee in our adjoining coffee bar cafe, which has free Wi-Fi.



baby learning to swim