We offer private, shared private, and group swimming lessons for babies, children, teens, and adults. Learn to swim in a beginner-friendly environment that’s tailored to you and your child’s individual needs and comfort. For experienced young swimmers, we also provide stroke correction and squad swimming lessons in a large and spacious pool.

Our instructors hold internationally accredited qualifications that permit them to teach all abilities, from non-swimmers up to advanced individuals. These qualifications include extensive safety modules including lifesaving and CPR, ensuring that your child’s safety is paramount.

Group Lessons

Apart from encouraging social interaction, we find that children copy and compete with each other. This results in growth and accelerated learning in group swimming lessons. Furthermore, all our lessons are planned, follow a curriculum, are highly structured and are most effective in maintaining your child’s attention.

Private Lessons

Single, one-on-one swimming lessons for babies up to adults. Ideal for babies and beginners, nervous swimmers, or those simply wanting individual attention

Moms & Babes

In this fun, hands-on class, you’ll get in the pool with your baby as well as other moms and babies. Here, we will focus on getting babies comfortable and happy in the water.

Squads & Stroke Correction

For the more experienced young swimmers wanting a more focused training approach, we offer squad and stroke development & correction in a spacious pool.

Aqua Aerobics

Our aqua aerobics classes are customised for the needs of pre or postnatal moms, making this form of gentle and non strenous exercise a great place to meet other moms and socialise. For moms with tots, we have on-site babysitting available within full view of the pool area.